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Why Medicated Bath Therapy Help Kidney Failure 3 Stage To Avoid Dialysis

Kidney failure 3 stage is the critical stage that whether you can avoid dialysis or not. If you can improve kidney function for reversing kidney failure 3 stage to 2, or control the illness conditions well and keep the residual kidney functi...

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How Do You Help Me with Foamy Urine in Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Frankly speaking, in stage 4 Kidney Failure, the kidney is functioning 15% to 29%. Various symptoms or complications will appear with the deterioration of the disease, such as blood in urine (hematuria), protein in blood (proteinuria), fatig...

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Stage 3 CKD: Home Remedy for Pain in Legs

Can stage 3 CKD cause pain in legs? This question is asked frequently by Chronic Kidney Disease patients. Why does leg pain appear in kidney disease? What is the home remedy for it? Please go on reading to find the answer....

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What Is Blood Pollution Therapy and Where Is It Done

Do you hear Blood Pollution Therapy? To be frankly, it is also called Toxin-Removing Therapy that removes the toxins and wastes out of the body and helps improve Kidney Function....

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What are the Staging of Kidney Insufficiency and How to Treat for Them

About the treatment, of course that combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine will get the best curative for patients no matter which stage they are now. ...

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Is There any Treatment for Kidney Failure 4 Stage Patients

Many kidney disease patients think that dialysis or kidney transplant will become their only choice when condition develops stage 4 kidney failure, but here we will say it is wrong. ...

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Is There any Treatment for Patients in Kidney Failure Patients

Dialysis is a measure that cleans waste products and extra fluid by filtering blood to regulate blood pressure and keep electrolyte level in balance, alleviating poisoning symptoms. Generally speaking, Dialysis is effective measure...

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Which Treatment is Good for Patients with ESRD

Many patients are suffered from disease of ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease). To alleviate patients’ pain, we take various treatments according to different illness. ...

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What is the Life Expectancy if Someone Suffered from ESRD

Actually,more and more CKD patients message us and consult about their life span. But this is not an easy question. So here we make a solution about this,hoping can relax patients and help them take better care of themselves. ...

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Treatment to DN&16% Renal Function Creatinine7.8 without Dialysis

Traditional Chinese Medicine can do much better than dialysis in treating the DN....

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