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Get Rid of Dialysis

How to Get Rid of Kidney Dialysis with High Creatinine 528

Since Kidney Dialysis causes a series of adverse effects to kidney disease patients, growing number of people want to stop it. Well then, how to get rid of dialysis with High Creatinine Level 528?...

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What Should I Do to Get Away Kidney Dialysis

Kidney Dialysis is considered as the treatment for saving life. However, to some extent, it fails to achieve this goal.Increasing numbers of Kidney Failure patients on dialysis want to know the effective remedy for them...

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Nephrotic Syndrome to Kidney Failure: Got Rid of Dialysis with Toxin-Removing Therapy

Ms. Huang was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome three years ago. However, because of reducing the dosage of medicines no permission, it developed to Kidney Failure one year ago. The doctor of her local hospital let she waited for Kidney Dial...

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Patient from Zimbabwe Is Free from Dialysis Successfully in China

Several days ago, a Lupus Nephritis patient was free from Kidney Dialysis successfully with Toxin-Removing Therapy. With the improved illness body, her life quality also gets improved. Follow me to see her daily life in our hospital....

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Get Rid of Dialysis Successfully with Toxin-Removing Therapy

It is known that Kidney Dialysis causes side effects for patients, thus increasing dialysis patients want to get away from it. Here is a patient with Lupus Nephritis gets rid of dialysis successfully by taking Toxin-Removing Therapy....

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Kidney Failure Patient Get Rid of Dialysis Successfully

Not all patients with kidney disease have to relay on Dialysis in the rest of their life. For some patients, they still have great chance to get rid of dialysis....

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Is That Possible for PKD Patients to Get Rid of Dialysis

I am have Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), stage 5, dialysis now. Any help for me to get off dialysis? Thank you....

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What Kind of Treatment Can Help Kidney Failure Patient to Get Rid of Dialysis

Dialysis as the common treatment of kidney failure, it do can help patient live better in some degrees, but it also will bring some extra pains for the patient, do you want to get rid of it?...

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Chinese Medicine Can Help PKD with Creatinine 1720 Get Rid of Dialysis

I was diagnosed as PKD about 17 years ago, and 5 years ago my disease progressed into Kidney Failure and the serum creatinine level increased to 1720umol/L, the doctor recommend dialysis to me, so i accepted it. But you know what? After a pe...

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Patients Undergoing Dialysis How to Get Rid of It

Patients undergoing Dialysis how to get rid of It? For the question of how to get rid of Dialysis, people should pay attention to this. Because dialysis is a long-term treatment. Patients should have the idea about this in fact. ...

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