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End Stage Renal Disease

How To Stop Creatinine 4.3 In CKD 3 To End Stage Renal Disease

Creatinine 4.3 indicates that the severity of the kidney is very serious. It must be treated promptly and effectively. Otherwise, the kidney will continue to develop and eventually develop to the late stage of uremia and the scarring stage o...

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Several Kinds Of Drugs Will Cause End Stage Renal Disease

As we all know, drugs are not food, not to mention health care products, there will be certain toxic side effects, the scope of its side effects are closely related to the characteristics of the drug itself. Especially the extensive use of a...

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Home Remedies Reduce Creatinine 8.37 And Save Kidney In End Stage Renal Disease

Hi, doctor, i am a kidney disease patient, and doctor told me that i am in End Stage Renal Disease, is it true? Is it possible to reduce creatinine 8.37? And what are Home Remedies to save my kidney? ...

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How Can I Fix My Kidneys With End Stage Renal Disease

End Stage Renal Disease is that you are in the last stage of the Kidney Disease, you need to take prompt action as soon as possible to avoid further damage. While, How can I fix my kidneys with End Stage Renal Disease? Following this article...

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Do We Have Another Option For 14% Of Renal Function In End Stage Renal Disease

Hello, my father was diagnosed as renal failure two years ago, now, he was taking dialysis treatment. But his Kidney function is only 14%, Do we have another option for him? Following this article to get the answer, or you can consult ONLINE...

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Alternative Treatments Help Creatinine 8 Patients In End Stage Renal Disease To Avoid Kidney Transpla

I'm a patient with renal insufficiency and my level of creatinine is up 8. The doctor told me that the disease has progressed to the final stage and recommended me to take Kidney Transplant. Please Let me know if there is any alternative tre...

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Why Creatinine 6.7 Patients Insist On Avoiding Dialysis In End Stage Renal Disease

Dialysis is widely used in all over the world to control the illness conditions of End Stage Renal Disease. But, not all the patients are suitable for dialysis, in recent years, more and more patients are searching alternative treatments for...

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Chinese Medicine Formula Reduce The Times of Dialysis For End Stage Renal Disease

A person consulted our expert in line to his father that his father is 60 years old and he is affected by end-stage Renal Disease (ESRD). He's on Dialysis three times per week. ...

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Is There A Way to Naturally Repair Kidneys at 14 Percent Function

Normally, kidney function 14 implies the kidney disease is in stage 5 CKD or the End Stage Renal Disease, in which dialysis or transplantation may be asked. However, is there a way to naturally repair kidneys at 14 percent function?...

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