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Dialysis Patients

What Kind Of Diet Plan Should Be Followed By Dialysis Patients

What are the dialysis patients to eat? More and more people are in dialysis, some of them lose the hope to life in gradually, the cost of dialysis will increase the burden of family. Lots of dialysis patients lose the hope to life. To be hon...

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What Are The Natural Treatments For Dialysis Patients In China

When the disease progresses to an advanced stage or begins to experience various symptoms of Poisoning, so Dialysis will be recommended by your doctors. However, Dialysis Patients often experience a number of side effects, patients are not w...

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Is It Safe For The Dialysis Patient To Take Chinese Medicine Herb

Is it safe for the Dialysis Patient to take Chinese Medicine Herb? In fact, the Herbs are useful to relieve the side effects of Dialysis patient, so you can take some of them during dialysis. ...

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What Is The Chance for Dialysis Patients Get A Recover with Chinese Medicine

What is the chance for Dialysis patients get a recover with Chinese Medicine? Is that possible to regain kidney function for patients with dialysis now? Can they stop dialysis?...

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How to Treat High Blood Pressure for Dialysis Patients?

“My mom is on dialysis for a month now. Her creatinine was 6.8 at the start of dialysis. Will she ever recover from her health problem? How to controlled blood pressure and reversed diabetes?”...

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How to Treat Diarrhea for Dialysis Patients?

There are some dialysis patients have diarrhea. How to alleviate it? The most common cause is an infection of the intestines due to either a virus, bacteria, or parasite; a condition known as gastroenteritis....

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There Is Alternative Treatment for Dialysis Patients

“Hello, doctor. I got stage 5 kidney failure, my creatinine level is 8.7 and my urea is 37.3. The doctor said he will start me on dialysis in 8 weeks....

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How to Treat Dialysis Patients’ Pain Alternative Treatment

Dialysis and Kidney Transplant is the main treatment options for kidney failure patients. After more than 25 years’ research, a new form of Traditional Chinese Medicine is created to replace dialysis in some conditions....

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Chinese Medicine Can Alleviate Symptoms of Dialysis Patients

“Hello, doctor. I am a dialysis patient and would like to know how I can reverse my condition. Is there any alternative treatment?. Many patients are told to take dialysis....

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