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Chronic Nephritis

Causes of Foamy Urine with Chronic Nephritis

Foamy Urine usually due to the increased surface tension of urine caused by the organic or inorganic substance in urine.So why does Chronic Nephritis cause the lots of protein in their urine?...

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Western and Chinese Medicine to Treat Chronic Nephritis

Chronic Nephritis refers to chronic glomerulonephritis. With this kidney disease, patients usually have proteinuria, high blood pressure, edema and some other symptoms. To deal with it, various western medicines and Chinese medicines are us...

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Can Herbal Medicines Cure Chronic Glomerulonephritis

If uncontrolled effectively, chronic glomerulonephritis will eventually progress to kidney failure. As western medicines can’t cure it completely, patients turn their focuses on herbal medicines. Can herbal medicines cure chronic glomerulo...

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How To Improve The Prognosis Of Chronic Nephritis

For patients with chronic nephritis, they may have the same questions as what the prognosis is and how to improve the prognosis of chronic nephritis. However, no one can tell the specific future of chronic nephritis patients, because there...

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What Is The Treatment For Chronic Nephritis

Chronic nephritis is not an independent disease, it is often caused by other kidney disease which is about the impaired glomeruli. It often accompanies with the symptoms of proteinuria, high blood pressure and edema. Although this disease p...

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What Are The Diet Considerations For Patients With Chronic Nephritis

What are the diet considerations for patients with chronic nephritis? This maybe a common question for patients with chronic nephritis, and all of them should know exactly about their daily diet. We all know that patients with kidney diseas...

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How to Diagnose Chronic Nephritis

Chronic nephritis is a kidney disease of glomeruli, it is caused by various etiological factors. Chronic nephritis develops slowly and progressively, and it often has no obvious symptoms in the early stage. But when people find they have ch...

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Diet for Patients with Chronic Nephritis and High Blood Pressure

Chronic nephritis is a group of glomerular disease, and it is the inflammation in kidneys. It is a slowly progressed disease. In the early stage, there may be no obvious symptoms for patients with chronic nephritis. As the development of ch...

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What Are The Symptoms Of Chronic Nephritis In Early Stage

Chronic nephritis is a kidney disease which refers to the impaired glomeruli and it develops slowly. If the patients with chronic nephritis dont have effective treatment timely, they may get into kidney failure. So it becomes particularly i...

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What Factors Can Cause Chronic Nephritis

Chronic nephritis is a common kidney disease which is about the damage of glomeruli. As we know, the kidneys are made of a large amount of nephrons, and every nephron contains a glomerulus. The glomeruli have the function of filtering blood...

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