Why Do Stage 2 CKD Patients Have Creatinine 1.6

    Actually,patients with CKD(Chronic Kidney Disease) may not be aware that their kidneys are becoming worse and worse as the result of the chronicity and complexity of CKD. That is to say,if the creatinine is higher,the kidneys are damaged and...

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    Can Patients Eat Eggs In Chronic Kidney Disease 3

    As we know, eggs contain abundant protein, and protein is a necessary nutrient for our body to function well. But for patients with kidney disease, they should follow a strict diet principle. They should keep a proper protein intake to insu...

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    Why CKD Patients Need Urine Test Regularly

    Nowadays, peoples living standards have been improved obviously, but the pressure of people is increased as well. So, the problem of human health is more and more severe. As investigations show that more and more people get kidney disease....

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    You Should Pay Attention To The Diet In CKD Stage 3

    Chronic kidney disease is a gradually decreased process of kidney function. We all know that kidneys are so important for our health, so wed better pay more attention to them. In this passage, I will tell you something about the diet for CK...

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    What Is Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis

    CKD which is short for chronic kidney disease, is a worldwide worried problem. CKD develops progressively, and once you get this disease, its difficult to be cured completely. So the screening and preventing are important in the early stage...

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