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    Dialysis Lead to Fatigue: How to Overcome It

    As a kind of side effects that fatigue is likely happens on most patients after dialysis. This kind of symptoms will be more and more worse with dialysis treatment. Patients will more and mroe weaker than before....

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    How to Get Rid of 3cm Kidney Cyst

    Patient: I have many small kidney cysts and the biggest one is 3cm. How can I get rid of 3cm kidney cyst, and stop them from forming? Doctor: Generally, patients with kidney cyst begin to have symptoms when their cyst is bigger than 3cm. Si...

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    Where to Buy Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

    Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one innovation of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). With the help of two osmosis devices, the active ingredients of herbal medicines can reach kidney lesion directly, so this therapy can shorten the wo...

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    Are Orange Good for Dialysis Patient

    For people on dialysis, they usually find their diet is very strict, because though dialysis can replace damaged kidneys to work, it isn’t as effective as healthy kidneys. Potassium is something that dialysis can’t remove from the body c...

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