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Renal Proteinuria (Protein in urine)

Too much protein in urine is named as Renal Proteinuria. Once it happens that the kidneys have different degrees of damage. Use our Chinese Medicine Treatments for it will help patients have a better curative effect.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Fix Proteinuria and Swelling on Legs

As for Chronic Kidney Disease patients, some of them may have too much protein in their urine. Is there anything I can do to fix Proteinuria and Swelling on my legs? Do you suffer from massive proteinuria and severe swelling? If so, please g...

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What Is A Safe Treatment for Curing Infections and Proteinuria in CKD

This article aims at recommending a safe treatment for curing kidney infections and Proteinuria for people who are dealing with severe medicine issues that are to do with their kidneys. They have high protein in urine and high albumin levels...

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Will Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Control Proteinuria Radically

Proteinuria refers to protein leaking out in urine from the kidneys, which greatly indicates seriously damaged kidneys. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been applied in treating kidney disorder for years. Will it control proteinuria ra...

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Toxin-Removing Treatment Is Helpful for Reducing Protienuria

Proteinuria refers to urine with too much protein. It is a common symptom of Kidney Disease. Due to no effective therapy for curing proteiuria, we recommend Toxin-Removing Treatment to help reduce proteinuria....

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What to Do for Refractory Proteinuria in Nephrotic Syndrome

What to do for refractory proteinuria in Nephrotic Syndrome? If the steroids treatment is not ideal, does it need Hemodialysis?...

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How Does Chinese Medicine Help Protein +++ in CKD

“Actually my father has 30% kidney function, and he has done an urine test, the result is protein +++. We are interested in Chinese medicine to help slow progression of CKD. Any suggestions?”...

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How to Treat Large Amount of Proteinuria in Kidney Disease

Many patients with Chronic Kidney Disease do not know how to treat Proteinuria, nor do they know what to look for. To treat urine protein alone, the most important thing for people with kidney disease should be three things....

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Proteinuria in CKD Was Relieved by Toxin-Removing Treatment

Some people may be bothered by refractory Proteinuria for years and they want to find out an effective therapy to help relieve it and treat it from the root. Take safety and efficiency account, we suggest Toxin-Removing Treatment for you....

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How to Treat Years of Swelling and Proteinuria Radically

More and more people who get CKD have Swelling and Proteinuria. But some people even suffer from them for years. How to treat years of swelling and proteinuria radically?...

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Why I Am Leaking Protein in Urine (Proteinuria) and Treatment

I want to understand why I am leaking protein in urine. All blood reports show blood pressure is normal. How to treat it effectively? I do not want to have intractable Proteinuria....

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