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Why Proteinuria In Kidney Failure Can Not Be Cured

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-11-24 09:29

Kidney Failure,ProteinuriaHormones can effectively inhibit the inflammatory response caused by the deposition of immune complexes, so that renal cells are no longer damaged by the inflammatory response. This is equivalent to creating a good environment for the normal functioning of kidney cells, so protein is eliminated.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy creates a good working environment through improving immunity and renal micro-circulation to eliminate protein.

Why can't urine protein be cured for a long time?

That is because the damage of kidney cells (especially glomerular epithelial cells) has reached a relatively serious level, and the human body's self-repair ability alone can no longer control the disease.

For example, membranous nephropathy, the first two stages of membranous nephropathy can be easily controlled by hormones, once developed to the third stage, even if combined with cyclophosphamide can not necessarily control urinary protein.

Therefore, early treatment of kidney disease is very important.

How to eliminate protein?

Once urinary protein is found, don't hesitate to treat it decisively while most of the glomerular epithelial cells are not damaged, including inhibiting inflammation and improving renal microcirculation, and preferably cleaning up immune complexes.

Even if the condition is mild, the presence of kidney disease means that the body has been abnormal for a considerable period of time, which is usually caused by bad living environment or habits.

As a basic index of nephropathy, urinary protein reflects the degree of renal damage and the effect of treatment. In the treatment of urinary protein, we should not only pay attention to the number of plus signs, but also take the kidney itself as the object of observation to evaluate the therapeutic effect comprehensively.

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