Family Members of Foreign Patient Are Gone on Chinese Culture for Chinese Medicine

2017-04-14 14:48

This is a 48 years old family member of our patient from Bangladesh. He is gone on Chinese culture for Chinese medicine. The following are some his feelings and experience in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

“A thin needle can treat disease, and the roots and leaves of a variety of plants are herbs, Chinese medicine is really amazing, the Chinese opera is also very powerful!” In the ward of International Department, after watching the opera “Shajiabang—A Battle of Wits” under the explanation of the translator, Lahr was pleased to say. He also side shopping and taking bus in China is very convenient, and he would like to live with his wife in China, slowly experience China’s profound culture.

See, the doctors are explaining the patient's present condition in the photo.

This is a 48 years old family member of our patient from Bangladesh. He is gone on Chinese culture for Chinese medicine. The following are some his feelings and experience in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

Lahr works in the local government departments, and his feelings with his wife are very good, neighbors are particularly envious of the family of Lahr. However, by the end of last year, because of physical discomfort his wife came to the hospital for examination. He was shocked because his wife was diagnosed with Kidney Failure.

“I was particularly afraid, two years ago my sister died because of suffering from Kidney Disease.” Lahr said sadly. He did not want his wife suffered such pain.

In order to find a better way, Lahr had brought his wife to India for treatment, but the effect is not very satisfactory. His wife’s brother is a businessman who came to China to do business in the early years and has a certain understanding of Chinese medicine. After hearing about his sister’s illness, he recommended them to China timely to try Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy. Lahr nearing retirement resigned the job, accompanied his wife came to China to seek Chinese medicine treatment.

With the help of systemic and standardized TCM treatment, his wife’s condition has been greatly improved. Lahr finally could relieve to some extent. “It was fascinating to hear the stage play (Shajiabang) in the TV program, although the language was not available, but the translator told me about the history of the war,” said Lahr.

“A few actors put on costumes, put on the makeup, and bring the audience to the previous era. A small stage performs a big world. I am willing to have more understanding.” Lahr thumbed up and praised to the profound Chinese culture.

Lahr has been suffering from severe cervical spondylosis, shoulders are pain, and difficult to lift the arm. The doctor of TCM Department heard his problem, taking Cupping Therapy, message for his cervical spondylosis every day in the spare time. “Originally I accompany with my wife for treatment, I did not think the doctor will treat my cervical vertebra disease for free.” Lahr gratefully said that the Chinese people are very enthusiastic who will take the initiative to help others, so he was deeply moved.

“Lahr, do you want to taste this cake?” still immersed in the excitement, Lahr tasted a bite, and praised “Delicious!” When he heard the ingredients contain tender leaves of Chinese toon, he was surprised “You are so cool, even cooking the leaves so delicious!” When he knew elm, dandelion, etc can also do food, Lahr asked the nurses where can he find them and how to do. He wanted to do for his wife. Hope his wife recovers soon and lives a better life.

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