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Polluted Blood Therapy

What is polluted blood therapy?

Polluted Blood Therapy is a medical treatment for Kidney Failure; but differently from dialysis which works through removing wastes out of the blood, it treats kidney disease start from treating polluted blood.

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Why we need to treat polluted blood while treating kidney disease?

Kidney disease is an illness regarding kidney, but why we need to treat polluted blood, not treating damaged kidney directly while patients receive treatment?
Blood is the fluid that flows in our blood vessels. It has function of transportation, keeping the internal environment stable, defense, and regulating body temperature. Clinical studies find that blood is mainly composed of plasma and blood cell like red blood cell, white blood cell and platelet which comes from hemopoietic system. Blood cell plays a very important role for the normal function of blood. When blood is polluted, blood cells are likely to be damaged. Also, blood can not perform its function properly. For this reason, patients may develop lots of illnesses. Besides, kidney is responsible for filtering blood and due to the polluted blood, kidney is damaged easily. Therefore, treating polluted blood is very helpful for protecting kidney function. Furthermore, when polluted blood is purified, blood cells will be able to function properly, which can help to make sure the normal function of our body and every organs. This is the reason why treating kidney disease needs to start from treating polluted blood.

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How is polluted blood therapy applied?

There are mainly three steps of polluted blood therapy:
1. Combined therapy of blood purification
In first step, different kinds of technology like plasmas exchange, immunoadsorption and Chinese medicine are used to purify blood and the purpose of this is to comprehensively remove blood stasis and toxins that adhere to the vascular walls and build up in the blood. With different illness, different blood purification methods are applied in this step.
2. Elements supplementing
When wastes in the blood are removed, we need to supply different kinds of absent elements based on the damage of the kidney cells, clotting hematopoietic system, secretion and metabolic mechanism and effective use reparative medicine to make sure our blood can function normally.
3. Process of renewing
Our body organs have certain of self-rebuilding ability, so does our kidney. With healthy blood, various kinds of normal operating mechanism will not be damaged and this is the very important for injured kidney cells to be recovered. It is a long-term process, so doctors and patients should be patient and make full preparation.

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What can we expect from this therapy?

With polluted blood therapy, we can receive the following treatment effects:
1. Protein and blood in urine can be reduced greatly
2. High blood pressure is decreased to the normal range or it is easy to be controlled well
3. GFR (Glomerular Filtration Function) is increased
4. Serum creatinine level and blood urea nitrogen level are lowered down effectively
5. We may become more energetic and more passionate in doing many things
6. Appetite and sleep quality are improved effectively

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Are there any side effects of Polluted blood therapy?

Kidney disease is normally treated with oral medications like immunosuppressive agents. These medications are effective and work quickly, but disappointedly, long-term taking of these medications will cause lots of side effects. However, for polluted blood therapy, it treats kidney disease fundamentally and during the whole treatment effects, no further harms are caused on our body. Therefore, kidney disease patients can be relieved with this treatment.

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