Polycystic Kidney Disease Symptoms, PKD signs

Hypertension, back pain and blood urine usually occur as the first Polycystic Kidney Disease symptoms. Learn how to control these PKD signs here.

    Can Stage 3 CKD Along with PKD Cause Muscle Weakness

    Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy as one of the systemic Toxin-Removing Therapy has been proven to be effective for PKD treatment. It is an external application therapy, patients just need lie on the bed even have a sleep during the treatme...

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    How to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis for PKD Patients?

    “My sister had a kidney transplant 13 years ago and has rheumatoid arthritis real bad, what medications can she take? I don't think her doctors are worth a crap. There has to be something to ease her pain besides all these pain meds.”...

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