Healthy Diet Plan for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients

2014-01-20 11:10

Healthy Diet Plan for Peritoneal Dialysis PatientsJust like hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis is just one kidney replacement therapy. Developing a healthy diet plan can help patients undergo peritoneal dialysis easily. Now, we are here to teach peritoneal dialysis patients how to arrange a kidney-friendly diet plan.

1. Eat more high-quality protein

Because peritoneum is used as dialysis membrane, people on peritoneal dialysis are usually at a high risk of infections. Therefore, a diet rich in high-quality protein is necessary to make these patients’ body strong for fighting against infections. Generally speaking, 1.2g/kg of protein one daily is recommended for patients on peritoneal dialysis.

2. Follow a low-sodium diet

Even though diet for peritoneal dialysis patients isn’t restricted strictly in sodium and fluid, it is still vital to keep sodium and fluid intake within safe amount. If taking extra sodium, patients are more likely to develop high blood pressure, swelling and shortness of breath.

3. Consume potassium-containing foods

Different from patients on hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis patients may have normal or low potassium level, so they are recommended to take in relatively more potassium. Fruits or vegetables, such as orange, lemon, banana, bitter gourd, etc, are good source of potassium.

4. Limit the intake of phosphorus

No matter which type of dialysis you are taking, it can’t remove extra phosphorus from the blood efficiently. For this reason, if peritoneal dialysis patients take in extra phosphorus, skin itching and bone disease are more likely to occur. Animal giblets, sea food, nuts and many other foods are rich in phosphorus, try to avoid them.

The above content has given out the general dietary requirements for people on peritoneal dialysis. If you want to get a list of food high in high-quality protein, sodium, potassium or phosphorus in detail, you can contact kidney experts at kidney healthy web, through leaving a message below or sending email to

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