Best Alternative Treatments to Peritoneal Dialysis

2013-12-16 10:46

Best Alternative Treatments to Peritoneal DialysisPeritoneal dialysis has been worldwide accepted to treat Kidney Failure. This blood purification therapy uses patients’ peritoneum as the filtration membrane. Just because of this characteristic, peritoneal dialysis can’t be used for long term. Well then, are there alternative treatments to peritoneal dialysis? What is the best alternative treatment option?

At present, there are mainly four alternative treatments to peritoneal dialysis. Different therapies are suitable for different patients. If you are looking for such a treatment, you can consult the online doctor directly to determine which one can help you get rid of peritoneal dialysis.

1. Hemodialysis

In recent years, more and more kidney failure patients prefer peritoneal dialysis as their home dialysis, because of its fewer side effects and convenience. However, if peritoneal dialysis can’t be performed any more, a lot of patients have to switch to hemodialysis. The longer patients on hemodialysis, the lower their kidney function and more complications.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This therapy, based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is one external application therapy. Its biggest advantage is to shorten patients’ hospitalization time and improve their kidney function obviously. In clinic, there are more than 100 prescriptions. According to patients’ medical condition, doctors can develop an effective treatment plan in detail.

3. Immunotherapy

It focuses on treating kidney disease caused by autoimmune diseases. On one hand, it can discharge immune complexes out of the body, to remove pathogenic factors. On the other hand, it can normalize patients’ immune system for preventing the recurrence of autoimmune kidney disease.

4. Polluted Blood Therapy

Compared with the above treatments, this therapy aims at treating abnormal blood circulation instead of kidney itself. With the help of medicines and blood purification methods, it can not only eliminate harmful substances in blood vessels but also ones adhering to vascular walls. A normal clean blood circulation is able to provide enough nutrition and good environment for kidneys.

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