The Serious Complications Caused by Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)

2014-10-16 16:19

The serious Complications Caused by Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)Peritoneal dialysis (PD) is a treatment for patients with severe chronic kidney disease. It is used as an alternative to hemodialysis though it is far less commonly used in many countries,such as the United States. It has comparable risks but is significantly less costly in most parts of the world,with the primary advantage being the ability to undertake treatment without visiting a medical facility. As time progressed,PD has played an irreplaceable and more and more important role kin treating Kidney Failure. Here the article will list the common severer complications,hoping this can help you get more details about PD and take better care of yourself. Online Doctor can help you more directly and quickly for free.

1. The primary complication of PD is infection due to the presence of a permanent tube in the abdomen. Like us CAPD-related peritonitis,and so on.

2. Excessive loss of fluid can result in hypovolemic shock or hypotension while excessive fluid retention can result in hypertension and edema.

3. The patient may also experience pain or discomfort if the dialysate is too acidic, too cold or introduced too quickly, while diffuse pain with cloudy discharge may indicate an infection.

4. The fluid used for dialysis uses glucose as a primary osmotic agent, but this may lead to peritonitis, the decline of kidney and peritoneal membrane function and other negative health outcomes.

5. A potentially fatal complication estimated to occur in roughly 2.5% of patients is encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis, in which the bowels become obstructed due to the growth of a thick layer of fibrin within the peritoneum.

Generally speaking,young patients without Diabetes are suitable to use PD. When their remaining renal function be worse,hematodialysis are good for them.

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