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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Remedies Edema in Nephrotic Syndrome

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-12-10 18:37

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Remedies Edema in Nephrotic SyndromeNephrotic Syndrome patients often experience Edema due to various causes. If you want to avoid recurrent edema, we need to treat them from the root cause. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to remedy edema in Nephrotic Syndrome.

Causes of edema in Nephrotic Syndrome

Edema or swelling, is always caused by large amount of protein leakage out. It will appear in eyelid first, and gradually appear in face, arms ankles, feet, and legs.

Damaged kidneys are the underling cause of edema. Along with the decreased renal function, the kidneys fail to filter excess fluid from the body adequately, thus resulting fluid-retention present, forming edema.

In this period, we need to seek for proper treatments to improve kidney function and prevent further kidney damage.

How does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy remedy edema in Nephrotic Syndrome?

The main curative effect of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is to repair the damaged kidney tissues and cells and recover kidney function by cleansing blood to increase blood circulation, blocking inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix, and giving nutrients and oxygen to kidneys.

As long as kidneys can work effectively, protein can be effectively absorbed by renal tubules to control protein leakage gradually. In this way, proteinuria and edema can disappear naturally.

Steroid medicine can release edema very fast, but it has side-effects, such as moon face, poor memory, mood swing, etc. So, there are more and more patients want to avoid it and choose alternatives.

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