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The Recurrence Of Nephrotic Syndrome Should Be Treated In Time

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-10-18 15:05

Nephrotic Syndrome,RecurrenceSome patients with nephrotic syndrome lack comprehensive understanding and understanding of the disease, thus ignoring the importance of the cold, thus causing the relapse of the disease. For patients with nephrotic syndrome, a cold is an important inducement of recurrence and aggravation of hematuria and proteinuria. When a cold occurs, the immune cells in the body engulf the bacteria and viruses that invade the body, forming an antibody that then dies, eliminating the germs to ensure that the body is not affected.

Nephrotic syndrome patients must be treated as soon as possible after repeated disease should start from the root of the problem, find the cause of the disease, and then treat the symptoms. Renal basic repair damaged basement membrane, symptomatic treatment with Western medicine, combined with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine in our hospital to further treat the patient's lesion site, so that the damaged kidney tissue control and development of undamaged protection, increase the kidney detoxification capacity. Micronized Chinese medicine particles have a strong penetrating effect on the glomerular basement membrane, thereby clearing the immune complex of the glomerular basement membrane. So that the kidney itself repair, normal operation.

Because nephrotic syndrome patients are physically weak, less immune cells in the body than normal people, immune function is not strong, when the body has invaded bacteria, sometimes immune cells not only did not phagocytosis bacteria, but temporarily encompass the bacteria, the body of bacterial antibodies and bacteria themselves into an immune complex, along with the blood circulation Ring, when the kidney, will deposit to the glomerular basement membrane, thereby damaging the kidney, so that a large number of protein loss, and eventually lead to the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome or aggravation of the disease.

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