Lupus Nephritis Diet,Lupus Kidney Disease Food and Nutrition

What foods and nutrition are needed by lupus nephritis patients? Here you learn how to arrange a good diet once being diagnosed with lupus kidney disease.

    Fig & Lupus Nephritis

    Fig is a species of flowering plant in the genus Ficus.Here the article may can help you learn more about the fig and Lupus Nephritis. ...

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    Healthy Diet & Lupus Nephritis

    As a secondary disease caused by SLE(systemic lupus erythematosus),Lupus Nephritis(LN) is severe than other Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD).We should also pay attention to the diet of LN patients to avoid the deterioration of disease....

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    Is Ginger Good for Lupus Nephritis

    For the question whether ginger is good for Lupus Nephritis or not, people hold different opinions. Some think it is very good, while some others think it aggravates the state of illness. In the following, you may acquire your own opinion....

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    Can I Eat Sherbet with Lupus Nephritis

    There are many different kind of sherbets, such as orange sherbet, pineapple and banana sherbet, and watermelon sherbet. These frozen desserts all taste delicious. Can I eat sherbet with Lupus Nephritis? Diet restriction for Lupus Nephritis...

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    Food Not to Eat for Lupus Nephritis

    Lupus Nephritis is an autoimmune disease which is caused by systemic lupus erythematosus. An improper diet can worsen the disease or cause the disease relapse, so we should pay attention to what we drink and eat. The following is a list of...

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    Can Lupus Nephritis Patients Eat Garlic

    Can Lupus Nephritis patients eat garlic? If you are suffering from Lupus Nephritis, you may have some symptoms such as high blood pressure and infections. In view of this, garlic may be a useful food, because of its properties as follow. ●...

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    Foods to Eat and Avoid for Lupus Nephritis Patients

    Lupus Nephritis is caused by SLE, a systemic disease. Even though a healthy diet cant cure this disease, it does assist the medical therapies. Therefore, to figure out what foods to eat and avoid for Lupus Nephritis patients is quite necess...

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