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Besides medical therapies, kidney-friendly diet can also help control renal patients' illness condition.Today, you can learn what food to eat or not eat in this column.

Foods Lists To Avoid With Kidney Disease Problems

“Hi, doctor. Is there any foods for reducing high creatinine, alleviating backache or other symptoms? healthy kidneys can help discharge metabolic wastes and toxins as well as excessive water and electrolytes out of the body....

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Can seafood be eaten by PKD patients in 25% renal function

Seafood refers to the cuisine cooked by marine animal,including fish,shrimps,shellfish,etc.Seafood has a large of advantages that can improve our body condition.Various seafood has different effect to our health....

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Can I Exercise with Nephrotic Syndrome

A:It is widely acknowledge that regular exercise is good for health. But for people with Nephrotic Syn...

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How Does Exercise Reduce Fatigue in Kidney Failure Patients

A:Nearly all of kidney failure patients have fatigue or feel tired all the times. If they dont have he...

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Health Benefits of Exercise for Kidney Patients

A:Kidney patients are often recommended to do some exercises to improve their physical condition. But ...

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Home Remedy

What Natural Remedy Can Treat Proteinuria in FSGS

A:Proteinuria is a common symptom of Kidney Disease, including FSGS. Timely treatment for proteinuria ...

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What Natural Remedy Can I Use for Swelling in CKD

A:“My creatinine is 2.8. I take a lot of prescription medicines. What Natural Remedy can I use, if any...

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