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Living Healthy

Welcome to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. One kidney-friendly diet plan, correct exercise and healthy home remedies can help make renal patients living healthy with kidney disease.

 Healthy Diet

Food Therapy

Besides medical therapies, in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, kidney-friendly diet can also help control renal patients' illness condition.Today, you can learn what food to eat or not eat in this column.

What Are The Common Foods Of Containing Potassium

Patients with chronic renal insufficiency, especially in the use of potassium-conserving diuretics or angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors prone to hyperkalemia, at this time should limit the intake of high-potassium food. There are main...

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Foods Lists To Avoid With Kidney Disease Problems

“Hi, doctor. Is there any foods for reducing high creatinine, alleviating backache or other symptoms? healthy kidneys can help discharge metabolic wastes and toxins as well as excessive water and electrolytes out of the body....

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How To Exercise In Patients With Diabetic Nephropathy

A:Exercise is a way to maintain health, diabetic patients should also exercise properly, after all, th...

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Can I Exercise with Nephrotic Syndrome

A:It is widely acknowledge that regular exercise is good for health. But for people with Nephrotic Syn...

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How Does Exercise Reduce Fatigue in Kidney Failure Patients

A:Nearly all of kidney failure patients have fatigue or feel tired all the times. If they dont have he...

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 Home Remedy

Unstable Creatinine Level between 3.6 to 6.9: How to Control

A:It is a common phenomenon for CKD patients that their creatinine level will rise and fall. Well then...

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How to Get Your Toxin-Removing Treatment with Creatinine 8.2

A:Toxin-Removing Treatment has been used for more than 148 countries to help CKD patients reduce High ...

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