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What Types Of Rejection Are There In Renal Transplant Recipients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-08-15 15:59

Types Of Rejection,Renal Transplant,The most important thing after Kidney Transplantation is to observe the rejection of the patient. During the period after transplantation, the doctor will do a very detailed observation of the patient. According to the specific incidence of different types of rejection, renal transplant surgery rejection of what types?

What are the types of rejection in renal transplantation?

1. Acute rejection usually occurs within 3-6 months after operation. The clinical manifestations are fever, decreased urine volume, increased blood pressure, deterioration of renal function, and discomfort in the renal allograft area. If found promptly and properly handled, such rejection can be reversed.

2. Chronic rejection, which occurs slowly and progressively aggravates, may lead to proteinuria, hematuria, increased blood pressure, anemia, progressive deterioration of renal function, generally irreversible changes, is the main reason for graft dysfunction in the late stage of transplantation, and is also the main reason affecting the long-term healthy survival of patients.

3. Accelerated rejection usually occurs within 2-5 days after transplantation. Suddenly, urine loss or anuria occurs during the gradual recovery of renal function after transplantation.

4. Super-acute rejection is the most serious rejection after surgery, often occurring in the middle of surgery or within a few hours after surgery, but also can occur 24-48 hours after surgery, there is no effective treatment.

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