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Kidney Transplant

How to prepare for kidney transplant? Will kidney disease come back again after the surgery? Here you can find the answer.

What Types Of Rejection Are There In Renal Transplant Recipients

The most important thing after kidney transplantation is to observe the rejection of the patient. During the period after transplantation, the doctor will do a very detailed observation of the patient. According to the specific incidence of ...

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Is Chinese Medicine Useful For Protecting The Transplanted Kidney

As we all know that Kidney Transplant is one of the most effective treatments for Kidney Failure patients, however, due to all kinds of factors, the transplanted Kidney is also likely to go to Kidney Failure again. Now, chinese medicine is m...

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What Treatment Can Help The Kidney Transplant Patients

It is known that Kidney Transplant is one of the best ways to solve kidney problems, but Kidney Transplant patient may face failure again. So the original disease recurrence with the kidney's failure. Following this article to know more kidn...

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Is There Any Therapy for Kidney Failure Patients Aside From Transplant

Along with the progressive kidney disease, patients may develop into Kidney Failure. Kidney Transplant can be a choice for them to improve their life quality but not all patients are suitable for it. Is there any therapy for kidney failure p...

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Do Not Want Kidney Transplant, Is There Any Other Treatment for CKD

Along with the progression of CKD, patients may choose Kidney Transplant to maintain their life. However, not all patients want to take it, is there any other treatment for CKD?...

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Is It Possible for Patient on Dialysis Avoid Kidney Transplant

“I am currently undergoing Dialysis. My kidney function is 14 percent. I am wondering can my condition avoid Kidney Transplant.” Despite the patient has been on dialysis, as long as he can improve his kidney function, it is possible to a...

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Should We Take Kidney Transplant for Kidney Function 15% and 18%

Question: My dad has 15% function of one kidney and 18% of the other one. The Dr. plans to put him on Dialysis. He is type 2 Diabetic. I’m ready to find if there is a match for a transplant. I don’t want him to do dialysis for the rest o...

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Why Transplanted Kidney Failed Again for 5 Years, Creatinine 12

My Creatinine is 12 and hemoglobin is 9. My kidney got already transplanted 5 years ago but again failed. Can it be cured? Why transplanted kidney failed again?...

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Alternative to Kidney Transplant for ESRD

Kidney Transplant is the organ transplant of a kidney into a patient with End Stage Renal Disease. It may bring a new life for kidney failure patients. But due to the high cost, time consuming and rejection reaction, quite a number of patien...

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Will TCM Therapy Be Suitable for Kidney Transplant Patient

Will this TCM therapy be suitable for me since I already had a Kidney Transplant. I really want to get off all my medications, boost my immune system and overall health. Also I make sure my transplant kidney stays healthy and my body does no...

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