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What Can We Do To Prevent Kidney Failure In Summer

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-09-13 11:05

Prevent Kidney Failure,SummerSummer is the hottest season of the year, due to high temperature that patients are easy to get all kinds of Diseases, such as high incidence of Nephritis in summer, Kidney Failure and other Kidney Function diseases.

The main causes of high incidence of kidney disease in summer are swimming, colds, diabetes, greed and drinking.

1. Swimming

Swimming can not only improve muscle quality, maintain joint health, but also benefit cardiovascular health. But in the process of swimming, people need to consume a lot of physical energy, making it easy to feel very tired, even dehydrated. And swimming pool water is rich in bacteria, bacteria easily into the human urethra, causing infection, eventually leading to the occurrence of nephritis.

2. Cold

Often in the evening swimming, cold bathing, air conditioning, fan, if the water temperature, indoor temperature is too low, it is easy to make their body cold, cold, resulting in kidney disease and aggravation.

3. Diabetes mellitus

Diabetics are prone to hyperglycemia in summer due to excessive consumption of fruits and beverages. In addition, diabetic patients sweat more in summer, but also induce diabetic ketoacidosis or non-ketoacidosis deep coma, resulting in renal failure.

4. Greedy and cool

In summer, there are many kinds of ice fruits, drinks, ice products and so on. But can not eat more, if long-term large amounts of food, will inevitably lead to intestinal dysfunction caused by acute gastroenteritis, serious will lead to acute renal failure.

5. Beer

Drinking cold drinks for a long time will cause the body to produce excessive uric acid and urea nitrogen and other metabolic wastes, aggravating the burden of kidney excretion, a large number of alcohol is also easy to lead to hyperuricemia. These habits can also cause hyperlipidemia and other metabolic diseases, leading to kidney disease.

Another point to note in summer is ischemia. Yes, ischemia occurs in summer. This is because when people are exposed to high temperatures, the body sweats more frequently, the blood vessels dilate, and the blood volume is relatively insufficient. Therefore, ischemia also occurs in the kidneys. Once the kidneys are ischemic, there will be a series of adverse changes, such as kidney cell necrosis, aggravation of renal fibrosis, and decline of renal function. Change.

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