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What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Failure In Less Urine Period

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2019-01-23 13:57

Kidney Failure,Less Urine,SymptomsIn order to make the condition of Kidney Failure better or recover in time, not only reasonable and regular treatment should be carried out in time, but also regular nursing should be carried out after treatment. Only when nursing and treatment are carried out at the same time can the condition be improved. Following this article to get answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR directly in free.

It can be divided into three stages:

1. oliguria

(1) Most patients begin to have oliguria (50-400 ml urine per day) or anuria after 12-24 hours of precursor symptoms. It usually lasts for 2-4 weeks.

(2) Anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hiccup, dizziness, headache, restlessness, anemia, bleeding tendency, deep and fast breathing, even coma, convulsions.

(3) The accumulation of metabolites: increased blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, etc. Metabolic acidosis occurred.

(4) Electrolyte disturbance: high blood potassium, low blood sodium, high blood magnesium, high blood phosphorus, low blood calcium, etc. Especially hyperkalemia. Serious cases can lead to cardiac arrest.

(5) water imbalance may lead to excessive water retention; severe cases can lead to heart failure, pulmonary edema or brain edema. Respiratory system and urinary tract infection are easily secondary.

2. Urine volume increases gradually after oliguria in polyuria stage. When the daily urine volume exceeds 500 ml, it enters polyuria stage. Since then, the amount of urine has doubled day by day. The maximum amount of urine per day is 3000-6000 ml, even more than 10,000 ml.

At the beginning of polyuria, although urine volume increased, the clearance rate of kidney was still low, and the accumulation of metabolites in vivo still existed. About 4-5 days later, blood urea nitrogen and creatinine gradually decreased with the increase of urine volume, and uremia symptoms also improved. Potassium, sodium, chlorine and other electrolytes from urine can lead to electrolyte disorders or dehydration, it should be noted that the peak stage of oliguria may change to hypokalemia. This period lasts for 1-3 weeks.

3. Urine volume gradually returned to normal in convalescent period, and renal function gradually recovered in 3-12 months. Most patients'renal function could return to normal level, only a few patients turned to chronic renal failure.

How to relieve the symptoms?

In China, most of patients take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to relieve complications with various of chinese herbal medicines, all the complications can be relieved in 10-15 days with no relapse. So patients can have a longer and better life.

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