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Early Symptoms Of Uremia In Children

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-07-25 14:40

Symptoms Of Uremia,Uremia In ChildrenCore Tips: uremia is one of the most frequently occurring diseases in children today, so more and more parents are worried that their children are suffering from uremia, although uremia is a major disease that affects human health, but the rate of success is still very large in the early stages of the disease. Parents should know more about the status of children's uremia in the early stage, early detection and early treatment, then what is the status of children's uremia in the early stage?

1. The face is pale or yellow.

Yellowing or whitening is a significant early manifestation of uremia in children. The cause of the appearance of yellow or whitening in uremia is mainly due to the decrease of the function of the hormone in the human body because of impaired renal function, which causes anemia. In addition, the body's absorption of nutrients is poor and may lead to anemia.

2. Tiredness has no spirit.

Tired and tired is a common phenomenon in children's uremia in the early days. Because of the variety of causes of this phenomenon, many people think that when this kind of phenomenon occurs, many people think that I am tired and tired. Poor appetite and a series of gastrointestinal symptoms occur together.

3. Edema.

Edema is also a possible occurrence in early childhood uremia, and most of the majority of patients with kidney disease also present such symptoms, which are not only the symptoms of uremia patients, but also the symptoms of most patients with kidney disease. If only nephritis or kidney damage is not serious, patients often show mild swelling, but the degree of edema in uremia patients will be more severe, often characterized by systemic edema, or with chest water or ascites.

4. Foam in the urine.

The most obvious symptom in early childhood uremia is that urine contains a large number of urine cannons. The main cause of this symptom is the damage of kidney function, such as protein and other nutrients, which can be absorbed normally.

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