Kidney Failure Symptoms, Renal Failure Signs

Nausea and vomiting, leg swelling, proteinuria and hematuria are seen commonly as kidney failure symptoms. If you have them, pay more attention.

    How to Control Edema of Renal Failure

    In Renal Failure, the kidney tissues are damaged that renal function declines gradually. In this way, the fluid can not be removed well through the urine. Edema may occur due to the accumulation of water in the body. ...

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    Is Diarrhea One of the Symptoms of Kidney Failure

    Is diarrhea one of the symptoms of Kidney Failure? Yes. In kidney failure, extra accumulation of Creatinine, BUN and other wastes in the body will cause many discomforts. Without timely treatment, patients can suffer from severe diarrhea, vo...

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