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Kidney Failure Stage 4, Stage 4 Renal Failure ,treatment,symptoms, diet, prognosis

If left alone, kidney failure stage 4 will progress into end stage, so correct treatment and diet are needed to control symptoms and improve prognosis.

Besides Dialysis, What Are The Alternative Treatments To Reduce Creatinine 6.2

Dialysis is widely used to reduce creatinine 6.2 in stage 4 kidney failure. More and more patients are searching alternative treatments to reduce creatinine 6.2, so what are the alternative treatments? Following this article to get the answe...

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Creatinine 5.4 Can I Avoid Dialysis In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Hi, doctor, i am a stage 4 kidney failure patient, creatinine 5.4. Can i avoid dialysis? Can chinese herbal medicines help me? One patient consulted out ONLINE DOCTOR. ...

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Poor Appetite In Stage 4 Kidney Failure, Looking For Alternative Treatments

Poor appetite is one of the symptoms of kidney failure, it is more common to see in stage 4 kidney failure. So more and more patients are searching the alternative treatments to relieve poor appetite effectively. Here we will give some detai...

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How To Stop The Renal Failure In Stage 4 For Avoiding Dialysis

If illness conditions can not be controlled well, stage 4 Kidney Failure patients are facing dialysis. Some of them have been prepared well for dialysis. How to stop the renal failure in Stage 4 for avoiding Dialysis?...

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Will Drink Less Water Affect Creatinine 5.36 In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

Hi, doctor, Will drink less water affect creatinine level? I am in stage 4 kidney failure? What can i do? Is there any natural treatments to reduce creatinine 5.36? following this article to get the answer, or you can consult ONLINE DOCTOR d...

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How Long Can Creatinine 600 In Stage 4 Kidney Failure Avoid Dialysis

“Good morning, doctor, my wife, diagnose 600 kidney Creatinine, is she ok? How long can she avoid Dialysis”? One people consulted our ONLINE DOCTOR for his wife. ...

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Once Someone Reaches Stage 4 Kidney Failure When Do They Have To Start Dialysis

Once people get Kidney Disease that they all worry about Dialysis, and want to know when do they have to start dialysis. Whether you take dialysis or not that depends on lots of factors. This article will give the answer about starting dialy...

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Herbal Medicines Reverse Stage 4 Kidney Failure To Reduce Creatinine 7.6

Dialysis and Kidney transplant are widely recommended in Stage 4 Kidney Failure, which can help prolong life expectancy. What is a worse thing that they can not reverse stage 4 kidney failure, and kidney functions can not be improved too....

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Why I Choose Traditional Chinese Medicine To Treat Creatinine 6.7 In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

One patient consulted our ONLINE DOCTOR some details of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so this article will share Why i choose Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat Creatinine 6.7 in Stage 4 Kidney Failure....

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Reduce Creatinine 3.9 And Reverse Stage 4 Kidney Failure Through Repairing Damaged Kidney

All the kidney disease patients pay attention on high creatinine level, because high creatinine level indicates that your kidney has damaged seriously. More and more people searching the treatments to reduce creatinine 3.9 and repairing dama...

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