Kidney Failure(Renal Failure) Prognosis

Individuals with renal failure have a difference in kidney failure prognosis. Try to find out how to improve your prognosis, if you have it.

    How to Treat Kidney Failure with Kidney Function 30%

    Recently, a person consulted us a question for his father: his father is a Kidney Failure patient with kidney function 30%, he wanted to know how to treat it. The patient takes western medicine to control high blood pressure and high blood s...

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    Is There A Cure for Kidney Failure

    At present, kidney failure has been one common and big problem for people all over the world. Some patients even think kidney failure is one death sentence for them. Is it true? Is there a cure for kidney failure patients? Before searching...

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    Life Expectancy for Kidney Failure Without Dialysis

    Dialysis is one treatment option that can enable kidney failure patients to live longer. However, quite a number of these patients refuse to do dialysis, for being tired of undergoing dialysis treatment regularly or various side effects. In...

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