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What is immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a kind of treatment to disease by inducing, enhancing, or suppressing an immune response. Immunotherapies are classified as activation immunotherapies and suppression immunotherapies.

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The relationship between immunotherapy and kidney disease

Why people get kidney disease should attribute to their malfunction of immune system, too weak or too active. If your immune system is too weak, it is easy to suffer from various diseases, including kidney disease. On the contrary, if your immune system is too active, it will produce a lot of immune complex which may deposit on your kidneys, resulting in inflammation. If you do not receive effective treatment in time, inflammation will develop into kidney failure.
Immunotherapy is just such a therapy which will regulate your immune system. Once your immune system is back to normal, you get the ability to fight with kidney disease.

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The treatment process of immunotherapy to kidney disease

More often than not, immunotherapy contains 6 steps. Only comprehensive treatment can prevent the recurrence of kidney disease and probably cure the disease from the root.

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1.Accurate diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis can help you get a better treatment for kidney disease.
First, through the test of circulating immune complex and the five tests of immune system, we can define the causes of disease.
Second, through the test of morphology of urinary red cells, the percentage of urinary albumin and total protein, urine protein electrophoresis and so on, we can make sure the damaged degree and place of kidneys.
Third, through the test of lymphocyte subpopulation, we can know the type of the immune response.
Fourth, through the test of drug concentration, we can provide scientific drug basis for immune blocking.
Fifth, through the test of TNT-hs, NTproBNP, D-dimer and so on, we can have a knowledge of the potential dangers.
Sixth, through the test of PCT and IL-6, we can quantify the degree of bacterial infection.

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2.Immune clearance

The purpose of immune system is to clear the morbid substance and metabolite, such as inflammatory factor, immune complex, creatinine, urea and so on.
First, through hemodialysis to clear small molecule toxins.
Second, through hemofiltration to clear middle and small molecule toxins.
Third, through immune absorption or perfusion to clear macromolecule toxins.
Fourth, through blood exchange to change the polluted blood.
Fifth, through blood lipid purification to clear the low density lipoprotein so as to reduce hyperlipidemia.
Sixth, through clearing the excess abnormal white blood cells to regulate the normal percentage of blood cells.

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3.Immune blocking

The purpose of this procedure is to prevent the abnormal immune response by using the immunosuppressive drugs. In the first step of immunotherapy, we can make sure the type of immune response and the location of sedimentary immune complex, which help us to use the effective immunosuppressive with low side effects.

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4.Immune tolerance

Though we have blocked the abnormal immune response, the immune complex still exits in the kidneys which may cause the recurrence of inflammatory reaction. Immune tolerance is to let our kidneys accept the fact that immune complex deposits in the kidneys. Therefore, we should be regularly block the inflammatory reaction and make an assessment about the immune response to ensure the accuracy of immune blocking.

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5.Immune regulation

First, through Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, taking Chinese medicine and medicated bath to clear the immune complex.
Second, through the active ingredients of Chinese medicine to improve the immune system so as to more effectively clear immune complex and repair the damaged cells.

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6.Immune protection

Actually, in the whole process of treatment, measures should be taken to protect the damaged kidney issues and the inherent cells, such as taking some natural Chinese medicine.

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The curative effect of immunotherapy on kidney disease

Short-term effect:
● Urine output will increase
● Serum creatinine and BUN level decreases
● With the disappearance of toxins in your body, your appetite will gradually increase and fatigue will disappear.
● Electrolyte balance will gradually recover.
● Blood pressure will return to the normal level.
All in all, there will be an obvious improvement to your body.
Long-term effect:
● Kidney function level or GFR level increases
● Overall health condition improves completely
● Blood urine and proteinuria disappear
● Avoid dialysis and kidney transplant

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Where is immunotherapy available?

So many kidney disease patients have consulted: is Immunotherapy available in India, Australia, US, UK, Mexico, etc? We can deeply understand their desire to use this therapy to treat their kidney disease. Since how to get immunotherapy is these patients' big concern, we are planning to set up branch in other countries. So far, one branch in US has been established successfully. Hopefully, more and more patients from other countries can get this treatment conveniently in the near future.
Though immunotherapy is effective to kidney disease, not all patients can receive this therapy. If you are interested about this therapy, you can consult our online doctors to get more information about it. Or, leave a message below.

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It is quite hard to fight against kidney disease for a long time. Now, a lot of kidney experts here try to give biggest help for kidney patients. If you have some questions about any kind of kidney disease, welcome to contact us by the following ways.

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