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How To Prevent Hypertension From Causing Renal Function Decline

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-10-11 14:52

Renal Function Decline,Prevent Hypertension1. Signal and vigilance increased nocturia

Long term hypertension causes damage to small renal vessels, resulting in dysfunction of renal tubules and increased nocturia. This is an important signal for hypertensive nephropathy. Once the patient rises more than two or three nights, or even up to five or six times, it is necessary to go to the hospital immediately for urine test, often can find microalbuminuria abnormalities, at this time prompt renal function has been slightly impaired, need to receive treatment. Therefore, hypertensive patients should pay more attention to their urine, such as the presence of blood in urine, foam, frequent urination and other abnormalities, we need to be vigilant.

2. Check and do regular urine tests.

For the first time, hypertension must be fully examined, especially in patients with diabetes, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia and gout, to determine whether there is kidney damage. Patients with hypertension should also do regular urine tests.

If the first examination of renal function, found that there is no abnormal glomerular filtration rate, the year to do a routine urine and Microalbumin test can be. If the glomerular filtration rate changes, it is necessary to shorten the frequency of examination according to the situation, such as early can be checked once a half year, further deterioration need to be checked once three months, and regularly to the Department of Nephrology to monitor renal function.

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