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High Creatinine level

What does high creatinine level mean? How to lower creatinine level? Here you can find various solutions and find the right one for you.

Remedy for 900 Plus Level of Creatinine in CKD

“I have 900 plus level of Creatinine. what is the remedy aside from Dialysis?” Are you looking for natural remedy aside from Kidney Dialysis due to High Creatinine Level? Hope you can benefit from the following article....

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How to Lower Creatinine Levels in Kidney Damage

Creatinine is a waste product generated from muscle metabolism. Eating too much meat and lots of protein may also produce small amounts. How to lower High Creatinine Levels in kidney damage?...

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Why Is Creatinine Level Increasing & Tell Me Treatment to Reduce

Majority of people are suffering from kidney problem and their Creatinine level may be stable at a certain level. But it suddenly increases above the normal range. Why is creatinine level increasing and what is the treatment to reduce it?Why...

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Suggest What Should I Do for High Creatinine Level 339

General speaking, Creatinine is filtered out of the body solely by your kidneys. Therefore, except protein intake, a high concentration of creatinine in the bloodstream is, clinically, taken to mean your kidneys may not be functioning proper...

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Is 5.5 Creatinine Dangerous

Is 5.5 Creatinine dangerous? As for CKD patients, almost each person will concern about this similar problem and want to know how to treat it aside from Dialysis. In this article, we will answer the question in details....

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How Can I Build Up My Kidney with Creatinine 6 & Avoid Dialysis

How can I build up my kidney my doctor say that my Creatinine is 6? I do not know what that means. I do not want to go on Dialysis....

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Creatinine Level Has Gone Up to 430, What Is Your Advice

“My Creatinine level has gone up to 430, what is your advice?” Generally speaking, High Creatinine Level implies your kidneys may not be functioning properly. So it is the underlying method to repair kidney lesion and improve kidney func...

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Is Toxin-Removing Treatment Helpful for High Creatinine Level 431

Generally, creatinine level is relatively constant for normal people. While when it is a kidney disease concern, creatinine will elevate slowly. Is Toxin-Removing Treatment helpful for High Creatinine Level 431?...

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Can You Advise Any Natural Remedies to Lower High Creatinine 529

High Creatinine Level 529 is in stage 4 Kidney Failure, which may be asked Kidney Dialysis. However, there are still other natural remedies to help lower creatinine. Are there any natural remedies to lower high creatinine level 529?...

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High Creatinine Level 537 and Treatment Aside of Dialysis

How can we get Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in Philippines? My mother has High Creatinine Level 537 and want use your therapy aside of Dialysis.Are you also looking for the alternative treatments aside of Kidney Dialysis? ...

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