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High Creatinine level

What does high creatinine level mean? How to lower creatinine level? Here you can find various solutions and find the right one for you.

What Should We Do Now to Control Creatinine 6.6

“My father’s Creatinine level has reached 6.6. So what should we do now to control it?” High Creatinine Level 6.6 is much higher than normal level, but Kidney Dialysis still can be avoided if possible....

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What Can Be Done to Bring Down the Creatinine 470

What can be done to bring down the High Creatinine Level 470? Is it possible to avoid Kidney Dialysis? Frankly speaking, as long as your kidney function is improved well with proper therapy, creatinine 470 can be reduced naturally no dialysi...

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High Creatinine and Kidney Damage: Alternative Treatments of Dialysis

Due to various factors, increasing patients with High Creatinine Level want to choose other alternative treatments to avoid Kidney Dialysis. Are there any alternative treatments of dialysis? Go on reading to get the answer....

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Should I Have to Dialysis with Creatinine 4.8 in CKD

My Creatinine level goes up and down, it was 2.89 a few weeks before. Now it elevates to 4.8. Should I have to Dialysis? If you do not want to Kidney Dialysis or wait for Kidney Transplant in future, immediate treatment is needed....

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How to Control High Creatinine Level 5.1 in IgA Nephropathy

Recently I have found my GFR has come down to 19 and the doctor told me that I might have IgA Nephropathy, my Creatinine became double around 5.1 and BUN also increased. How do I control BUN and Creatinine 5.1?...

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Natural Remedy Helps Reduce High Creatinine Level 7.1mg/dl

Natural remedy is a form of traditional treatment of China. Except for diet and healthy lifestyle, it also has other natural therapies including homeopathy, herbs and Acupuncture, etc. Some people may wonder can natural remedy help reduce Hi...

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Remedy for 900 Plus Level of Creatinine in CKD

“I have 900 plus level of Creatinine. what is the remedy aside from Dialysis?” Are you looking for natural remedy aside from Kidney Dialysis due to High Creatinine Level? Hope you can benefit from the following article....

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How to Lower Creatinine Levels in Kidney Damage

Creatinine is a waste product generated from muscle metabolism. Eating too much meat and lots of protein may also produce small amounts. How to lower High Creatinine Levels in kidney damage?...

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Why Is Creatinine Level Increasing & Tell Me Treatment to Reduce

Majority of people are suffering from kidney problem and their Creatinine level may be stable at a certain level. But it suddenly increases above the normal range. Why is creatinine level increasing and what is the treatment to reduce it?Why...

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Suggest What Should I Do for High Creatinine Level 339

General speaking, Creatinine is filtered out of the body solely by your kidneys. Therefore, except protein intake, a high concentration of creatinine in the bloodstream is, clinically, taken to mean your kidneys may not be functioning proper...

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