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High Creatinine level

What does high creatinine level mean? How to lower creatinine level? Here you can find various solutions and find the right one for you.

Creatinine 1062, Protein And Occult Blood + Avoid Kidney Transplant Successfully

Hamad has received treatment in Beijing tongshantang hospital of traditional chinese medicine. Before treatment, The Serum Creatinine level is 1062umol/L, but after treatment was reduced to 412. The following are some details about it, Lets...

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Should I Wait For Dialysis or Kidney Transplant In Creatinine 8.7

The normal creatinine level is 0.5-1.3mg/dl and it is a indicator of kidney function. Creatinine level 8.7 is much higher than the normal range. In this conditions, dialysis or kidney transplant will be recommended by your local doctor, ...

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Can Acupuncture Help Creatinine 7.6 In Uremia Stage Avoid Dialysis

It is known that Chinese Medicine has remarkable effects to treat Kidney Disease, Acupuncture as one of Traditional Chinese Medicine also has great effects on treating Kidney Disease. However, only Acupuncture is not enough to treat this dis...

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Creatinine Increases From 2.7 To 3.3 In A Short Time How To Treat It

What is the cause of the creatinine increasing from 2.7 to 3.3 in short time? In fact, Infection and Fever May dedicated to increases in creatinine, but they are not the main factors, the main reason should be that kidney has damaged serious...

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Creatinine 3.4 How To Improve GFR 19

“How to improve the GFR while the creatinine, urea, uric acid and potassium is high” one patient consulted our ONLINE DOCTOR. She told us that her creatinine was 3.4, GFR 19, high blood pressure...

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Effective Alternative of Steroid Lowers High Creatinine Level 3.6

“Recently doctor found High Creatinine Level 3.6 in my kidneys. I started treatment three months ago but it went up instead of reducing. He now introduced another tablet on top of the steroids he previously gave me. My creatinine does not ...

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How Serious Creatinine 3.8 Is in Kidney Failure

“I am Kidney Failure patient with two months. Recent lab test results show creatinine level 3.8. before it was normal. I am worried and wonder how serious creatinine 3.8 is in kidney failure.” Do you suffer similar problem? If so, please...

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Chinese Herbs Replace Dialysis to Reduce Creatinine 230

When creatinine reaches to 230, most patients do nothing but waiting to accept dialysis when it reaches to 707. However, is there no other way to reduce creatinine 230 except for dialysis? Chinese herbs replace Kidney Dialysis to reduce crea...

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Is There Any Method Other Than Dialysis to Bring Creatinine 5.5 Down

When patients are in Kidney Failure stage, patients’ serum Creatinine level increases, blood pressure increases, and other symptoms may appear. Is there any method other than Dialysis to bring creatinine 5.5 down? How about traditional Chi...

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How Does TCM Therapy Help Dialysis Patient High Creatinine Level

I am a Kidney Failure patient and have been on dialysis for a period of time, but after dialysis creatinine level return back to high level. What should I do? How does your TCM therapy help me reduce High Creatinine Level?”...

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