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High Creatinine level

What does high creatinine level mean? How to lower creatinine level? Here you can find various solutions and find the right one for you.

Chinese Osmotherapy to Reduce Creatinine 570

High creatinine level can be caused by many factors, while Chinese osmotherapy can only help deal with high creatinine level due to kidney disease. If you are tested out creatinine 570 and have determined it results from kidney damage, Chin...

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Creatinine 6.4 and 9% Kidney Function: Should I Start Dialysis

If you experience creatinine 6.8 and 9% kidney function, you have to consider the beginning of dialysis. Is dialysis a must for creatinine 6.8 and 9% kidney function?...

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What Drugs May Cause Increased Creatinine Levels

What drugs may cause increased creatinine level? Creatinine, one by-product of creatine, is used commonly in lab to check how well kidneys are working. If it is higher than 1.3mg/dl, it shows increased creatinine levels. Besides kidney dise...

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Is Capsicum Good for High Creatinine Level in Kidneys

Capsicum is also known as bell pepper. It can not only be used as cook ingredients, but also medicine. Is capsicum good for high creatinine level in kidneys? The answer may be found in the following. 1. Capsicum is high in vitamins, which h...

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Is Creatinine 271.6 Critical

Creatinine, one muscular waste, is filtered out by kidneys, so creatinine level in blood is one clinical indicator for kidney function. For healthy adults, creatinine level ranges stably. Creatinine 271.6 is higher than normal value, and it...

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What Should I Do with Creatinine Level 283

I am a kidney disease patients, now my creatinine has increased to 283, what should I do? Creatinine level is an indicator of kidney function. The normal creatinine level for an adult male is 53-106 umol/L, and adult female is 44-97 umol/L....

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Creatinine 212.85: Should I Contact The Doctor

My creatinine level is 212.85 umol/L. Now, I am 58 years old and I have a history of high blood pressure. Since my creatinine rises to 212.85 umol/l, should I contact the doctor and accept some treatment?...

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Is Cucumber Helpful to Lower High Creatinine Level

Can I eat cucumber with high creatinine level? Is it good to lower my high creatinine level? These words come from one kidney patient whose creatinine level is 1.91. Cucumber is one common vegetable with many health benefits that indeed can...

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Can Burdock Root Lower High Creatinine and BUN

Can burdock root, or its extract, help lower high creatinine and BUN level? If you are familiar with herbal medicine, you may know the medicine that has the property of diuretic or antioxidant is good to reduce elevated creatinine and blood...

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Creatinine 8.3 and Urea 166: Is Chinese Osmotherapy Helpful

If you are tested out creatinine 8.3 and urea 166, it is more likely to indicate your kidney disease has developed into end stage. At present, Chinese osmotherapy has been used widely to treat kidney disease. Is it helpful to lower creatinin...

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