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High Creatinine level

What does high creatinine level mean? How to lower creatinine level? Here you can find various solutions and find the right one for you.

How to Lower the High Creatinine to Renal Disease Patients

Clinically,the level of creatinine in blood is the main method to detect the renal function. For most renal disease patients,they care deeply for their creatinine level ...

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Good Foods for Elevated Creatinine

Elevated creatinine level is one big concern for most kidney patients, if high creatinine level is due to kidney disease. To lower it, some medications or treatments are needed. Besides, some healthy and good foods are also helpful to reduc...

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Does Creatinine 8.6 Mean Kidney Transplant

Creatinine 8.6 is much higher than the normal value. For kidney patients, too high creatinine level always suggests them to begin dialysis or do kidney transplant. Does creatinine 8.6 mean kidney transplant? As for this question, different...

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Is It OK to Eat Shellfish with High Creatinine Level

Shellfish is always said to be a healthy food for most healthy people. But for people with high creatinine level, is it OK to eat shellfish? The opinions are various. The reason why you can eat shellfish with high creatinine level -High qua...

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Home Remedies to Lower High Creatinine 235

If creatinine level in blood stays around 235 stably, doctors usually prescribe some medications like ketosteril. In fact, some home remedies are also helpful to lower high creatinine 235. Read on to find them out....

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Chinese Osmotherapy to Reduce Creatinine 570

High creatinine level can be caused by many factors, while Chinese osmotherapy can only help deal with high creatinine level due to kidney disease. If you are tested out creatinine 570 and have determined it results from kidney damage, Chin...

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Creatinine 6.4 and 9% Kidney Function: Should I Start Dialysis

If you experience creatinine 6.8 and 9% kidney function, you have to consider the beginning of dialysis. Is dialysis a must for creatinine 6.8 and 9% kidney function?...

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What Drugs May Cause Increased Creatinine Levels

What drugs may cause increased creatinine level? Creatinine, one by-product of creatine, is used commonly in lab to check how well kidneys are working. If it is higher than 1.3mg/dl, it shows increased creatinine levels. Besides kidney dise...

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Is Capsicum Good for High Creatinine Level in Kidneys

Capsicum is also known as bell pepper. It can not only be used as cook ingredients, but also medicine. Is capsicum good for high creatinine level in kidneys? The answer may be found in the following. 1. Capsicum is high in vitamins, which h...

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Is Creatinine 271.6 Critical

Creatinine, one muscular waste, is filtered out by kidneys, so creatinine level in blood is one clinical indicator for kidney function. For healthy adults, creatinine level ranges stably. Creatinine 271.6 is higher than normal value, and it...

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