How to Bring down Creatinine Level 6

2017-08-13 09:21

How to Bring down Creatinine Level 6Q: How to bring down creatinine level which is now at 6. I am a pure vegetarian, male 63 years old. I am also a Diabetic for over 10 years.

Kidney-Expert: Any symptoms do you have now, such as Proteinuria, Swelling, fatigue, back pain, anemia, itching, etc?

Q: Urine has some foamy. There is also slight fatigue. NO other symptoms.

Kidney-Expert: For how long? Foamy urine?

Q: For about a couple of months. I have been undergoing treatment after consulting a nephrologist. But the effects are not obvious.

Kidney-Expert: OK, I know. As for High Creatinine Level 6, it refers to you are in 4th stage Kidney Failure. The kidney damage is severe that is why protein also leak out.

And the treatment you take should focusing on preventing renal function from further lost, repairing the impaired renal tissues and improving renal function as more as possible.

Q: Is Dialysis a good choice?

Kidney-Expert: No. In general, due to its many side effects, we do not suggest you take dialysis if there are other options. TCM therapies are natural and safe for you.

Toxin-Removing Treatment, as a collective term, contains a lot of Chinese medicine treatments that can purify blood completely, provide adequate nutrients and blood flow to kidney, repair the kidney damage and improve renal function effectively.

High creatinine level 6 will be brought down naturally during the treatments. At the same time, proteinuria, swelling and other symptoms also are relieved well.

Q: It really is an effective therapy. Can you send more information to my WhatsApp?

Kidney-Expert: Certainly. Please wait and we will reply you at 24 hours. Best wishes!

Q: Thank you very much and I look forward to your early response.


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