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High BUN level

What does high BUN level mean? If you are told to have high Blood Urea Nitrogen, knowing the meaning of it is very important.

Chronic Kidney Disease & High Blood Urea Nitrogen

Blood urea nitrogen,called BUN,is the main end product of protein metabolism of human body. It is one of the leading indicator of kidney function.Why do CKD patients have a high urea nitrogen?...

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Foods Help to Reduce Urea

Blood urea level is often used as an indicator of kidney function like the creatinine, for kidney is the main organ to discharge urea. When kidneys go wrong, blood urea nitrogen level increase. How to decrease blood urea? Besides the medica...

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What Does High Urea In Blood Mean

What does high urea in blood mean? In clinic, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is usually used to reveal urea levels in blood. BUN along with serum creatinine are two reliable indicators for kidney function. However, high urea in blood doesnt alwa...

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Home Remedies to Minimize High Creatinine and BUN Level

To minimize high creatinine and BUN level, diuretic, ketosteril or even dialysis is used commonly. Besides medical therapies, some home remedies can also help to minimize elevated creatinine and blood urea nitrogen....

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Natural Remedies for High Blood Urea Nitrogen in CKD Patients

Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is usually an indicator of kidney function. When blood urea nitrogen elevates, what we should do? Here are some natural remedies. Hope it can help you. What causes high blood urea nitrogen in CKD patients? Urea nit...

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What Does It Mean If Your Blood Urea Nitrogen Is High

What does it mean if BUN level is high? BUN is the abbreviation of blood urea nitrogen, which is the terminal product of protein metabolism. Generally, kidney is the main organ to excrete urea. When the blood test shows high blood urea nitr...

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Why Does High BUN Level Appear In Patient With Kidney Disease

Patient with kidney disease often has high BUN level, and it is often a dangerous sign for patent with kidney disease. What is BUN? BUN is the abbreviation of blood urea nitrogen. Protein can produce amino acid, and some substances that are...

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