Healthy Diet & High Blood Urea Nitrogen for CKD Patients

2014-03-17 09:08

Healthy Diet & High Blood Urea Nitrogen for CKD PatientsHigh Blood Urea Nitrogen,called BUN,is an important indicator of kidney function. It is used to detect the Kidney damage condition. However,like creatinine,BUN has no obvious significant increase in early stage of Kidney Disease. Only when GFR(Glomerular Filtration Rate) drops normal 50%,will BUN increase.

So what foods are beneficial to CKD patients with high Blood Urea Nitrogen?

Actually,there are many food taboos for CKD patients to control their disease condition. The specific principles are as follows:

--Limit the intake of purine. Eat less pluck,seafood,meat,peanut and spinach etc.

--Reduce the total calorie of foods and prevent obesity.

--Take proper carbohydrate to promote the elimination of uric acid. It is good for patients to eat more rice,flour and cereal.

--Maintain adequate vitamin B and vitamin C. Eat more green vegetable,apples and so on.

--Limit the intake of protein appropriately. A cup of milk,one egg and 100g lean meat are enough to meet the needs of the patient for protein.

-- Fat may inhibit the excretion of uric acid,so it is necessary to patients to limit the intake of fat,especially the animal fat.

--Avoid the inducing factors,such as overwork,stress,cold and so on that may worsen the disease condition.

--Eat more alkaline foods,like cabbage,radish,potato etc. Besides,such as the cherry,strawberry and medlar are beneficial for heart and blood vessels.

--Stopping smoking and drinking. Alcohol may cause the accumulation of lactic acid that may lead to gout. Smoking may also increase the renal burden and aggravate the kidney damage.

These are some diet principles for CKD patients. Although we make a list about the foods taboos,the specific patients condition is different. Ask the live doctor and they can help you more.

For CKD patients with High BUN,treating the kidney disease is the fundamental method to reduce the high BUN. If you are interested in TCM,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy may be the better therapy to remedy the kidney disease.

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