High BUN level

What does high BUN level mean? If you are told to have high Blood Urea Nitrogen, knowing the meaning of it is very important.

    How to Reduce Blood Urea in CKD Stage 3

    To be honest, blood urea has a close relation with the Chronic Kidney Disease. It means your kidney has been damaged already. If the urea level is lower, it means the kidney disease is in early stage....

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    How to Reduce High BUN Level with Chinese Herb

    How to reduce high BUN level with Chinese medicine? when kidneys are damaged severely or patients have less than 50% kidney function, BUN can’t be excreted normally, so they will build up in blood, which will cause high blood urea and high...

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    How to Treat High BUN in Daily Diet

    Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is one product of protein and it belongs to small molecules. Normally, our kidney can filter it successfully, but to the person with kidney disease, blood urea nitrogen will build up in their blood....

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