How to Counteract Itching Caused by Hemodialysis

2014-01-01 16:07

How to Counteract Itching Caused by HemodialysisMany people who undergo hemodialysis have itchy skin. It often becomes worse during or just after the procedure. How to counter itching caused by hemodialysis?

Causes of itching

The main cause of itching is the building up of phosphorus. Though hemodialysis can remove the wastes and toxins from your blood, it can not regulate the electrolyte balance. High levels phosphorus causes the body to naturally pull liquids from the skin to the blood vessels to prevent high mineral levels in the blood, resulting in dry skin and itching.

On the other hand, histamine can cause itching. It is released if you are allergic to dialyzer membranes, the drug heparin or blood tubing.

Treatment to itching

Keeping your skin moisture or getting rid of allergen may help you alleviate skin itchy, but they can not solve the problem thoroughly. The root cause of itching is kidney function impairment. If we can repair the damaged kidneys, then we can get rid of dialysis and its complications.

Polluted Blood Therapy combines the western medicine therapies and Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies. It can efficiently remove the wastes and toxins in your blood, even the blood stasis and wastes depositing on the blood vessel walls. Once your blood is purified, it will provide a clean environment for kidney repairing. This therapy also supplys the necessary elements for the blood. Once your haematogenous mechanism recovers, the ischemia and anemia in your kidneys will improve and your damaged kidneys will gradually get well. Though it can not cure the kidney disease, it can sustain and improve your kidney function. When your kidney can balance the electrolyte, you will not suffer from itching.

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