High PTH Level for Hemodialysis Patients

2013-12-17 10:18

High PTH Level for Hemodialysis PatientsNot all hemodialysis patients suffer from high PTH (parathyroid hormone) level, but some patients on hemodialysis do experience it. If left alone, high PTH level is more likely to cause bone disease, loss of independence and increased risk of death. Therefore, effective treatment is needed urgently.

How does hemodialysis cause high PTH level?

PTH is produced by parathyroid glands, which are located behind the thyroid gland in our neck. The most important function of this hormone is to keep calcium and phosphorus in the blood at a normal level. For patients on hemodialysis, two conditions can lead to the increase of PTH level.

1. The build up of phosphorus in the blood: Even though hemodialysis can help remove part of extra phosphorus out of the body, but it isn’t as effective as healthy kidneys. As the level of phosphorus in the blood rises, so does PTH level.

2. Vitamin D deficiency: In end stage renal disease (ESRD), diseased kidneys can’t activate vitamin D, which can help calcium absorbed from intestines into blood. If calcium levels in the blood decline, parathyroid glands will produce more PTH to make it increase.

How to deal with high PTH level for hemodialysis patients?

The safe range of PTH levels is between 150 and 600. If your blood test shows high PTH level, you may need one of the following treatments.

- Take some medications: Calcimimetics, bisphonates, phosphorus binders and some other drugs can help lower high PTH level.

- Hormone replacement therapy: This therapy can help bone to retain calcium, so as to raise calcium level and reduce PTH level.

- Surgery: If the above treatments can’t help deal with high PTH levels successfully, surgery may be recommended to remove some parathyroid glands.

- Kidney repairing therapy: Some treatments can help repair damaged kidneys by expanding blood vessels and increasing the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells. For example, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy just have such effects.

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