How to Ease Headache for Hemodialysis

2013-12-08 09:26

How to Ease Headache for HemodialysisHemodialysis is usually recommended when kidneys can’t filter waste products and toxins out effectively or peritoneal dialysis no longer works. However, hemodialysis may induce a series of complications including severe headache. For hemodialysis patients with headache, how to ease headache must be their concern.

Even though hemodialysis can replace damaged kidneys to work, it is still not as effective as healthy kidneys. This is because healthy kidneys work 24 hours, the whole day while hemodialysis is commonly taken for 3 or 4 times. If you are experiencing other symptoms besides headache, you can email to or tell the doctor online for seeking effective treatments. If you only have headache, read on to find some relief methods.

As introduced by professional nephrologist, headache during or after hemodialysis is caused by disequilibrium syndrome, severe hypertension or cerebrovascular strokes. In addition, long-term consumption of alcohol or coffee may also be the reasons for headache. Therefore, the following treatments may help ease headache for patients on hemodialysis.

Interfere the underlying causes

Sufficient dialysis and never missing one dialysis treatment can help reduce the dialysis complications. Additionally, some medications like anti-hypertensive agents may be needed based on patients’ individual condition.


Even though manage is unable to improve the kidney function or deal with the underlying cause, it does relieve headache naturally and effectively.

Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks

Alcohol and caffeine are substances that may worsen patients’ kidney condition and hypertension. Thereby, if you are tormented by severe headache, you had better stay away from these beverages.

Herbal remedies

With the development of modern medicine, herbal remedies attract more and more kidney experts’ attention, because they show an obvious benefit on rebuilding kidney structure and improving kidney function. When kidneys can’t work more efficiently, patients’ symptoms and discomforts can be reduced largely. What’s more, they may be able to get rid of dialysis or at least decline dialysis times. TCM, medicated bath, foot bath, cupping therapy, acupuncture, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, etc, alone or in combination with others, are recommended for different patients.

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