FSGS Symptoms and Signs

FSGS symptoms and signs such as hypertension and proteinuria usually don’t appear in the early stage. If the condition is advanced, symptoms will appear.

    Advice for Protein Leakage in Secondary FSGS

    “I am patient of secondary FSGS with protein leakage. Kindly whether it is serious disease. Please give me advice how i cure it.” Controlling Proteinuria is an important element of treatment because proteinuria itself can hasten the rate...

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    What Natural Remedy Can Treat Proteinuria in FSGS

    Proteinuria is a common symptom of Kidney Disease, including FSGS. Timely treatment for proteinuria is very important because massive proteinuria can worsen renal damages or even lead to Kidney Failure. Well then, what natural remedy can tre...

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    Chinese Medicine for FSGS with Proteinuria

    FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) refers to a kind of glomerulus damage. Glomerulus is the filtering units in the kidneys. If lots of glomeruli are damaged, protein will leak out with urine. We recommend Chinese Medicines to you, whi...

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    Why Does My Skin Feel So Bruised with FSGS

    Is FSGS painful? Why does my skin feel so bruised with FSGS? This question is proposed by one of our patients. In fact, many other FSGS patients also have a similar problem. If you happens to experience skin bruises, figure out the causes a...

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    Swelling in FSGS: Causes and Treatments

    It is reported that nearly 2/3 of FSGS patients have serious proteinuria and swelling. If you are diagnosed with FSGS kidney disease, you may find swelling appears in legs, ankles, feet, face and eyelid. Find out the causes of swelling in F...

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