Picture Show

So Many Patients Regain Health, Happiness and Confidence Here

Happy Birthday and Wish You a Better Life

Get rid of the pain in Kidney Disease and enjoy your life. Do not let the disease damage your life.

Say Goodbye to Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

“China is my second home, because my Chinese doctors give me a chance to say goodbye to dialysis and kidney transplant. I promise I will never forget them.”

They Make Me Feel at Home

All of these,the nurse,doctors,experts even the environment in this hospital are so wonderful! All of them and what they do for me make me feel at home. I am grateful to them. I love them.

A Gift --A Graceful Traditional Chinese Landscape Painting

When I was out of the hospital,my attending doctor and nurse give me a picture-- a graceful Traditional Chinese landscape painting. I like it so much! Wish you good luck!

Best Wishes to Our Patients

Faced with the coming separation, the patient is so loath to leave their doctors and nurses, because they have helped save her kidneys and improve her condition.

Live Just Like Other Children

Happy birthday to this little boy! This is the first time that he celebrates his birthday at hospital, but in this moment, he is very happy. Hopefully, he can recover sooner.

Family Photo

Patients come here to find effective treatment options from many other countries . When they are discharged out of the hospital,most of them are glad to take some photos with their doctors and experts.

Video Consultation

To give prompt help for patients throughout the world, we hold video consultation regularly. Through this, kidney patients can get answer to their questions timely.

I Love Here and Love all the people Here

My doctors and nurses give me a lot of help. Wish god bless them. Also hope more people like us can live a better life.

Clean and Comfortable Hospital Environment

We always take improving patients’ overall health condition as our biggest mission, so we try to provide a clean and comfortable environment for patients.

Experts Do you have any questions?


Zhang Lingzhi. M.D.

Specialized field: IgA Nephropathy, Nephrotic Syndrome, FSGS


Zhao Weijiang. M.D.

Specialized field: CKD, Kidney Failure, PKD, Kidney Cyst


Jia Yinghui. M.D.

Specialized field: Lupus, Chronic Nephritis, MCD, Hypertensive Nephropathy