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Foot Bath for Kidney Disease

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Foot bath is a kind of traditional Chinese therapy which has a history of more than 3000 years. Foot bath is divided into hot water bath and medicated bath. In this article we will introduce medicated bath for kidney disease patients.

The mechanism of action

The mechanism of the medicated bath is making the ions of Chinese medicines permeate through foot skin, and then be part of our blood circulation. The medicine ions can be transported to every organ through blood circulation, then they can achieve the effect of treating disease.

Its curative effects on kidney disease

- Improving blood circulation: foot bath can stimulate the foot acupoints, and expand the blood vessels in foot, then achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation. Besides, It has been proved that foot bath can avoid the medicines' side effects in the treatment of high blood pressure, and it has a better effect on easing kidney disease patients' edema on feet.
- Promoting the metabolism: foot bath can promote blood circulation. With the increase of blood circulation, more hormones will be excreted by our endocrine glands, and hormones can promote our body's metabolism.
- Improving our sleeping: When blood circulation is promoted, the blood flow will be faster. The substances which are accumulated in the planta, as well as the substances which can make us tired, will be carried away. In this way, body's tiredness will be relieved, and then kidney patients can have a good sleeping.
- Preventing diseases: If people keep having foot bath, then it will reduce the risk of getting diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, varicosity, edema of lower limbs, and so on.

People who are forbidden to have foot bath

- Woman who is in her menstrual period and gestation period.
- Patients who have severe bleeding.
- Patients who are in the dangerous stage of any disease, such as patients with the end stage of kidney failure, cardiac failure, and so on.
- Patients who have disease in his feet.
- People who are in high-strung nerve state.
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