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Edema in Patients with Kidney Disease


Edema is a very common symptom for patients with kidney disease, and this symptom can influence patient's life quality severely.

What condition will patients with edema have?

Patients with edema can have different degrees' presentation. For patients with mild edema, they may just have edema in their lower limbs or around their eyes, but for patients with severe edema, they can have edema in their lungs, enterocoelia, which can cause patients hard to breath or have stomachache.

Why patients with kidney disease have edema?

Edema in patients with kidney disease is mainly caused by two reasons. One is the large amount of protein loss, and the other is the retention of sodium and water.
As we know, kidney has the function of excreting out wastes and keep the useful nutrients in our blood. While patients with kidney disease often have kidney damage, and when their kidney damage is too severe, lots of nutrients will leak out from patient's kidneys, among which proteins will also lose in this process. While the loss of protein can reduce the osmotic pressure of blood, and cause the fluid in blood vessels flow into tissue space. As a result, the excess amount of fluid will cause patients to have edema. In this condition, edema is caused by the decrease of attractive force from blood vessel, and the fluid will flow to the lower space of our body due to gravity, so patients will have edema in their lower legs at the beginning.
For patients whose edema is caused by the retention of water and sodium, this condition is also caused by patient's kidney damage. Kidney has the function of excreting wastes and fluid, but when patient's kidney function can not complete its work normally, there will be fluid and wastes accumulating in patient's body, and the excess amount of fluid will cause edema. In this condition, the excess fluid is more likely to appear in the part where skin is thin, like eyelids.

How to treat edema?

For patients who have edema, they will need to restrict their water intake to relive their condition, besides, it is very important for patients to reduce the sodium intake in their diet, because that can aggravate their condition severely. On the other hand, if patient's edema is caused by large amount of protein loss, they should supply appropriate amount of protein in their diet.
In their treatment, diuretics will be needed, and proteins may be injected into their blood directly.
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