Drugs and supplements

We need to be very careful about drugs and supplements we take if we are diagnosed with kidney disease.

    Is Iron Supplements Hard on Kidneys

    Anemia is a common in patients with kidney disease. And with the progress of kidney disease, anemia becomes more and more serious. It can be treated with iron supplements and injection of EPO. But is iron supplements hard on kidneys? Health...

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    Medications and Supplements to Repair Kidney Cells

    What medications or supplements can help repair damaged kidney cells? If kidneys fail to work, many symptoms and problems may appear in any part of the body. However, taking medications or supplements blindly, it may cause irreversible kidn...

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    Painkillers for Kidney Failure Patients

    Kidney failure is one condition in which nearly all of kidney function is lost. Then, build up of uremic toxins can cause damage to many organs. Then, kidney failure patients many have headache, back pain or stomach pain. To manage their pa...

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