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Drugs and supplements

We need to be very careful about drugs and supplements we take if we are diagnosed with kidney disease.

Natural Remedies in Healing Chronic Kidney Failure

Kidney Dialysis indeed can relieve symptoms of Kidney Failure quickly but it will cause many adverse effects, so that more and more patients wonder are there natural remedies in healing chronic kidney failure. Do you have the similar problem...

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Is There Any Substitute of Ketosteril to Lower Creatinine 4.1

Creatinine level is usually used to value the kidney function. As creatinine level increases, the doctor will prescript ketosteril to control it but it fails to stop creatinine level increasing again. Is there any substitute of ketosteril to...

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Is There Alternative Medicine Decreases Creatinine and Avoid Dialysis

Is there any alternative medicine decreases High Creatinine Level and avoid Kidney Dialysis? As patients know the defect of dialysis, they are eager to get other medicines to decrease creatinine level so as to avoid dialysis....

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Is There Any Herbal Medicine to Reconstruct Kidney Again

My wife was diagnose have a Kidney Failure and only have 17% functioning; is their any herbal medicine to reconstruct her kidney again? I heard your Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, is it made from herbal medicines?...

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When Can Stop Western Medicine in Kidney Disease

“Since I get Chronic Kidney Disease, I have taken so many western medicines. I do not dare to reduce the dosage because I am afraid the disease relapses. When can I stop medicine?”...

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How to Treat CKD Effectively

Frankly speaking, Kidney Disease is recognized one of the refractory diseases by medical field. Due to the irreversible kidney damage, the treatment goals we focus on are to slow down the kidney function decline....

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If Hormone Treatment Does Not Work Well for Kidney Disease Patients, Then What Is the Next Step

If Hormone Treatment does not work well for Kidney Disease patients, then what is the next step? Have you seen about this kind of situation: after a period of hormone treatment for your kidney disease there have no function till now. ...

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Foods Lists To Avoid With Kidney Disease Problems

“Hi, doctor. Is there any foods for reducing high creatinine, alleviating backache or other symptoms? healthy kidneys can help discharge metabolic wastes and toxins as well as excessive water and electrolytes out of the body....

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Is Yoga Good for CKD Patients

Is yoga good for CKD patients? there are some CKD patients want to take exercise such as Yoga, tai chi and Kung fu. The answer is depending on patients’ illness condition. ...

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Is Cough and Cold Medication Good for CKD Patients

Is cough and cold medicine good for CKD patients? If you are suffering from kidney disease, you should take steps to protect your kidneys. You should be cautious about the medicines you eat and are clear what cough and cold medications are s...

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