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Diabetic Patients Should Be Careful At Night Urine

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-10-22 11:42

Night Urine,Diabetic PatientsElderly Diabetic patients and patients with diabetes for more than 10 years, often have nocturia phenomenon, the reason is due to renal function and tubular dysfunction. There are many mechanisms, such as diabetic metabolic disorders, hyperosmotic blood, high viscosity state, microvascular damage, as well as glomerular hyperfiltration, hyperperfusion state, can cause abnormal renal tubular structure, structural abnormalities will inevitably lead to functional damage.

Diabetes patients should pay attention to the treatment of night urination.

Studies have shown that the renal tubules before the histological changes can appear functional changes, so diabetes patients often have no typical manifestations of kidney disease such as edema, hypertension before the occurrence of nocturia, urinary osmotic pressure, decreased urinary specific gravity and so on. Therefore, night urine can be used as an early warning sign of kidney disease. We should seize this opportunity to proactively treat delayed renal complications.

In addition, with the increase of nocturnal urine volume, the number of nocturnal urine also increased, light people get up 2-3 times, heavy people can reach more than 10 times, often leading to insufficient sleep, loss of energy, loss of appetite, anxiety, restlessness, depression of mind, these can also become a common cause of high blood sugar, difficult to control. Therefore, clinicians and patients should be paid attention to and actively treated.

What tests should be done at night?

Diabetes mellitus patients with nocturia can be checked for 12 hours urinary water forbidden osmotic pressure, urinary specific gravity, urinary sugar, urine volume (day to night ratio) CCr. As a criterion for judging efficacy, creatinine clearance rate, renal tubular markers such as a1-MG, b2-MG and NAG in urine can be used for reference besides 12-hour urinary osmotic pressure and urinary specific gravity.

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