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How To Exercise In Patients With Diabetic Nephropathy

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-10-20 15:45

Diabetic Nephropathy,ExerciseExercise is a way to maintain health, diabetic patients should also exercise properly, after all, the patient is different, he can not exercise as usual, then, Diabetic Nephropathy patients how to exercise?

In exercise, the walking speed of diabetic patients may vary from person to person. Mild obese patients with better general condition can walk quickly, 120-150 steps per minute; those who are not too obese can walk at medium speed, 110-115 steps per minute; and those who are weak or have cardiac insufficiency can walk slowly, 90-100 steps per minute.

1. Squat to stand up, at the beginning, do 15-20 times each time, and then increase to 100 times.

2. Sit ups, at the beginning, do 5 at a time, and then gradually increase to 20-50.

3. Start walking, half an hour a day, then gradually increase to one hour a day, can be divided into morning and evening twice.

4. Indoor exercise is suitable for patients with multiple complications in the later period, or those who are physically weak and hospitalized.

5. Patients with good physical conditions can also do jogging, cycling, swimming, badminton, old-age goalball and other activities.

6. Bed movement, respectively, exercise upper and lower extremities, do lift up, down, left and right movements. It is more suitable for lying in bed patients.

7. Walk alternatively, walk and jogging alternately, often used in physical deficiency. After walking for 30 seconds, run 20 seconds alternately, and gradually shorten walking time and prolong jogging time.

In a word, diabetic nephropathy patients can take proper exercise under certain conditions, which is beneficial to their physical recovery, but do not do some strenuous exercise, this is not recommended for everyone to do so.

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