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What Are The Dietary Precautions For Diabetic Nephropathy Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2019-01-09 10:22

Dietary Precautions,Diabetic NephropathyDiet is very important for us, especially after we have Diabetic Nephropathy, it is even more important. If our diet in life is unreasonable, it will aggravate our condition and bring greater harm to health. What are the dietary precautions for Diabetic Nephropathy patients?

Diabetic nephropathy diet should pay attention to the following points:

Excessive protein intake in a high-quality low-protein diet can aggravate the burden on the kidney, so the total amount of protein intake should be controlled. Specific implementation: eat as little vegetable protein as possible, restrict staple food appropriately, and supplement milk, chicken protein, fish, lean meat and other animal protein appropriately. Generally speaking, the higher the serum creatinine level, the lower the endogenous creatinine clearance rate and the stricter the control of protein intake.

Appropriate calorie and low fat diet Diabetes diet is a low fat diet, total calorie should be controlled, and diabetic nephropathy calorie supplement should be appropriate. Insufficient calorie supply can increase serum creatinine, urea and other indicators of renal function. High calorie intake is not conducive to blood sugar control. Fat provides more calories and requires a low-fat diet.

High calcium and low phosphorus diet diabetic nephropathy electrolyte disorder is common in low calcium and high phosphorus diet, so attention should be paid to high calcium and low phosphorus diet. However, foods with high calcium and low phosphorus often have high phosphorus content, so high calcium and Low Phosphorus Diets emphasize low phosphorus.

A high-fiber diet and a high-fiber diet are conducive to maintaining a smooth stool and metabolic balance.

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