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Uremic Patients Stop Renal Fibrosis And Keep Residual Kidney Functions

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-11-04 11:25

Residual Kidney Functions,Stop Renal Fibrosis,Uremic PatientIn uremic patients, the vast majority of healthy nephrons of the kidneys have been necrotized, and the remaining nephrons are very few, that is to say, only a few nephrons are performing renal function. What is a kidney unit? In fact, the human kidney is made up of one kidney unit. About 2 million kidneys of the human body do the work of excreting excess water, metabolic waste, toxins, and secreting some beneficial substances to the human body at the same time.

With the gradual increase of necrotic nephron units, the ability of human body to excrete waste will continue to decline, leading to water, a large number of toxins can not be discharged in vitro. When the number of glomerular necrosis reaches more than 90% of the whole kidney, the human body appears water/electrolyte/acid-base balance disorders, anemia, hypertension, oliguria, poor appetite, god. Wisdom changes and so on, thus forming uremia.

A large number of necrotic nephrons are manifested in the kidney, which is the fibrosis of most kidney tissues. This pathological process is a long and slow process of formation. Therefore, it is very difficult for uremic patients, especially those who have begun dialysis treatment, to cure their own diseases. It will take some time.

Therefore, in the treatment of uremia, it is imperative to block the deterioration of renal fibrosis, protect the existing residual renal function of patients, and gradually restore the evolution of the disease from acute deterioration to chronic progress, and then slowly to block the progress of the disease.

Then, by blocking the standardized treatment of renal fibrosis, the condition will be expected to gradually stabilize, the remnant nephron will be continuously repaired, and the remnant renal function will gradually recover.

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