Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) Stage 3

Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 is also known as Stage 3 CKD. In this stage, well control of symptoms, proper treatment and diet can help improve prognosis.

    Best Treatment Time for Chronic Kidney Disease

    We are very sorry to see that more and more patients who are in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) accept Kidney Dialysis because of mistaken medicine or the delay of treatment. Well then, when is the best treatment time for CKD?...

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    Early Stage of Kidney Disease Can It Be Reversed

    To be honest, for patients in early stage of Kidney Disease, like CKD stage 2 and stage 3, it is possible to reverse if patients take proper and timely therapy. However, majority people will delay the best treatment time and develop into Kid...

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    Once Kidney Stops Working, What Will Happen

    Are you thinking about the question: Once kidney stop working, what will happen? As a Chronic Kidney Disease patient, you need to have fully preparation in advance. That is, you need to take treatment timely to protect kidney function....

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    Effective Remedy for Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

    To be honest, in the early stage of Chronic Kidney Disease, there is no obvious symptom. Once you feel discomforts for your body, it means you are in CKD stage 3, which the kidney has been damaged seriously. Effective remedy is very importan...

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    How to Prevent CKD Stage 3 from ESRD

    Majority of patients will think that all Chronic Kidney Disease patients will develop to End Stage Renal Disease. Is it the truth? No. How to prevent CKD stage 3 from ESRD? Go on reading to find the answer....

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